Strengthening Communities Through Collaboration

DSP is proud to partner with many local businesses, peer agencies and provider membership organizations that support our mission. It is through these partnerships that we are able to network and find solutions to many challenges facing community-based service providers and support each other’s efforts to provide the best services.

We partner with Self-Direct Me, an organization providing expert consultation and technical assistance to community-based service providers. Self-Direct Me helps navigate the complex regulatory requirements of today’s service delivery system, saving valuable time and resources. This partnership allows us to focus on delivering the highest quality services and maintaining employee satisfaction.

As members of the Maine Association for Community Service Providers (MACSP), we are part of a leading organization dedicated to advocating for and enhancing community-based services for individuals with disabilities in Maine. MACSP supports service providers through resources, education, and advocacy, promoting best practices and fostering collaboration to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive high-quality support and opportunities to thrive in their communities.

As members of ANCOR, we join a national network representing providers of services to people with disabilities. ANCOR is committed to advancing the ability of its members to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through advocacy, shared resources, and networking opportunities, ANCOR enhances our capability to provide person-centered services and stay informed about the latest developments in disability services.

Our membership with the Lewiston Auburn Chamber of Commerce connects us with a vibrant business community in the Lewiston and Auburn areas. The Chamber provides valuable resources, fosters local business connections, and advocates for economic development. This partnership supports our growth and success by facilitating collaboration with other local businesses and participation in community events.